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What is SaaS? SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service or sometimes referred to as "on-demand software." It is a software delivery model in which software and data are hosted within the cloud. SaaS is a common delivery model which many business applications run off. One of the largest selling points of SaaS is the reduction in IT support costs from outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to the SaaS provider. 

SaaS has a very high growth rate and the reason for this is SaaS providers are able to provide a price that is competitive with on-premises software. SaaS vendors normally price applications using a subscription fee so you can sign up with a monthly fee or annual fee, which allows versatility in your business needs. Almost all Software as a Service vendors price the application based on usage parameters, such as the number of "seats" able to use the application at once. This can all change from each transaction, event, or other unit of value as well, allowing you to have a lot of freedom with SaaS. 

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