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Founded by Joel St. Germain in 2002, GCG is a privately held, financially strong and debt-free technology distributor headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. With 121 employees and sales partners, GCG is a mid-sized company offering a wide range to services, solutions and support to businesses of all sizes.

As a leading technology solutions provider, GCG offers services ranging from IT consulting, network design, cloud architecture, data center services, enterprise applications and data migration to managed services, professional services, security, RFP/RFQ/RFI management and expense management (TEM & WEM).

With access to more than 180 suppliers globally, GCG is able to assist clients in crafting solutions to precisely fit their needs in the areas of cloud, ERP, CRM, internet, network, voice, conferencing, mobility, application development, big data, security, disaster recovery, and hardware.

By employing an experienced, dedicated back-office support staff, GCG prides itself on being the only technology solutions provider that provides its clients a full-service experience from beginning to end by offering a 24×7 help desk, trouble ticket escalation, management of billing disputes, invoice auditing and account analysis.

Introducing GCG Global Practices

Through GCG Global Practices, comprised of Cloud, Communications, Consulting, Compute and Compile, account managers offer the latest technologies to support small and medium businesses (SMBs), government offices, non-profits and large enterprise clients.

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    • GCG provides the expertise to support your companies entire communications infrastructure including secure wide area networks (WANs) used to connect multiple office locations, internet services, and all types of voice and conferencing services from over 180 suppliers worldwide.

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    • Need to cut expenses and create more value for what your company is paying for? GCG provides TEM (Telecom Expense Management and WEM (Wireless Expense Management) by analyzing and auditing all your companies technology services which will identify cost structure, billing errors, and inefficient technologies resulting in an average cost-savings of 30% or more.

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    • With all of the hype around the cloud, it is difficult to know where to turn for expert advice. At GCG, our in-house cloud architects and engineers understand the market, suppliers and their solutions. Let us you help “defog the cloud” by providing insight into the pros and cons of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS/VDI, DRaaS, and hosted VoIP. GCG can help design and build cloud solutions for your company and the migration paths to make it all happen.

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    • In today’s fast paced, technology driven world it is often helpful to get an outside perspective. GCG offers in-house consulting resources for your companies end to end technology needs including ERP & CRM integration, managed services, project management, security and database administration.

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    • It is one thing to collect data. It is another to leverage it to make important decisions about performance, productivity and efficiency. GCG provides access to powerful application developers, database resources and business intelligence (BI) solutions that make big data both meaningful and useful.

  • Mission Statement

    Client-centric, global end-to-end evolving enterprise solutions with exceptional support from internal and external resources.

  • Vision Statement

    To be a global leader in enterprise consulting for cloud, communications, consulting, compute and compile.

  • Value Statement

    Our people, process, and suppliers ensure material and meaningful results for your business.

  • Core Values

    • People
    • Service
    • Community
    • Change
    • Culture
    • Development

  • The Global Care Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and was formed by Joel St. Germain of Global Communications Group, Inc. The mission of the Global Care Foundation is to provide the resources, whether in the form of donations or time, to those in need and charities both locally and abroad.

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