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Web Conferencing

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Web conferencing enables its users to hold live meetings, conferencing, presentations and trainings with the internet as its medium. With this service you can choose real-time point-to-point communications or multicast communications from one sender to many receivers. The basic idea of this communication platform is to stream data like text messages, voice or video call or chat across the wide geographically located places.

It enables voice and video conferencing. Support screen annotation, polling, speaker management, chat discussions, shared whiteboards are some of the platforms that are also used. Now with the help of a web browser you get access to web browsing platforms, but to get access to all the features you need to download as well as install. The main purpose is to conduct business meetings, seminars, presentations, online education and even offer direct customer support through remote keyboard mouse control.

Benefits of Web Conferencing


Without the need to travel, staffs can spend the working time being productive, showing that more will be performed in less time. This is a big advantage of utilizing web conferencing. It is a big deal also because while clients and executives are demanding and outcomes are anticipated fast. Web conferencing assists to enhance workers’ efficiency, because the technology that operates it creates probable for employees to get contact with people all around the world. Further, web conferences can be performed in thirty minutes, hence staffs do not spend time more however, mostly useless meetings simply due to the reason they have toured somewhere.


The amount of travelling has raised greatly in the previous years, whether workers are driving or taking a plane to the destination. Including the cost of accommodation and meals and organization are left with a big bill for one staff to attend a meeting. Web conferencing helps alleviate the need for travel.


Although workers might not directly meet in the online meeting, they yet assist with team building because they can occur more frequently. Actually, web conferencing is very flexible, that it can occur anywhere and at any time, when those people who are involved possesses an internet enabled system. Team members can do themselves found in each other, hence if there is any forcing deadline, they can work collectively to meet it.

Customer Presentations

Web conferencing assists firms to contact with customers regularly, hence they can think involved in the work they have assigned. Online presentations can be highly interesting and interactive, because it is probable to share videos, slides and desktop screens. This shows that workers can explain the development of a project and also can explain it also. This assists customer relationships become very close and highly transparent.

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