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5 Step Consulting Process

We’re here every step of the way from discovery to implementation and support.


During the discovery phase, we’ll gather data from sources such as invoices and billing records, inventories, contracts and escalations. We’ll also help define challenges, goals and objectives.

  • Define Goals
  • Determine Challenges
  • Build Requirements
  • Create Budgets
  • Set Timeframe


During the assessment phase, we will take information gathered from the discovery phase and apply our expertise to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and cost-savings.

  • Audit Invoices
  • Review Contracts
  • Create Inventory
  • Evaluate Providers
  • Research Marketplace


During the design phase, our technology consultants and in-house solution engineers will advise, design, build and demonstrate potential solutions and provider capabilities.

  • Engineer Solutions
  • Demonstrate Solutions
  • Select Provider Finalists
  • Select Solutions
  • Finalize Design


During the deployment phase, our consultants and support team will assist with selecting provider finalists, negotiating pricing and contracts, project management and testing.

  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Place Orders
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Testing


During the support phase, we will assist on account management, billing disputes, and trouble tickets. It’s additional levels of support above what’s provided by the provider.

  • Account Management
  • Contract Renewals
  • Trouble Ticket Escalations
  • Billing Disputes¬†Escalations
  • Ongoing Technology Assessments