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Proactive technology consulting for business and enterprise clients.

Digital Transformation

GCG’s digital transformation consulting service help business leaders leverage technology to enable the innovation of their entire business or elements of their business and operating models.

Systems Integration

Starting with an assessment of business needs and technical requirements, GCG advises clients on designing, building and customizing applications, cloud, hardware and IT systems.


Looking for assistance with an ERP project? GCG offers ERP software consulting, assessment and audit services, infrastructure consulting and management consulting.

App Development

Access application development resources for your website, software or mobile application. Select from full stack developers and developers specializing in specific languages.


Providing Internet of Things (IoT) consulting for healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy and more. Let our experts help you deploy IoT technologies.

Cloud Assessments

Migrating from a physical to virtual environment or performing a cloud to cloud migration? GCG offers cloud readiness assessments for your applications.


Make cloud migration seamless. GCG helps you navigate through the cloud migration process from assessment and readiness to implementation.

Cloud Optimization

Most enterprises overspend on their cloud services. GCG offers cloud optimization and multi-cloud deployments to optimize for both performance and cost-savings.

Data Center Consulting

Offering the largest selection of colocation providers and facilities globally. GCG and have partnered to provide expert consulting for clients worldwide.


Work with GCG solution engineers to design custom, end-to-end, global networks leveraging SD-WAN, MPLS, interconnection, managed network and security.

Technology Assessments

Want to increase efficiency and productivity? GCG offers assessments to provide visibility into business challenges, IT infrastructure and technology.

Expense Management

Gain access to expense management solutions to best manage your technology spend and turn your IT department from a cost center to a profit center.

RFP Management

GCG writes and manages RFPs for technology projects such as ERP and CRMs, system integration, datacenter, cloud, network and data solutions.

Project Management

Take project management off your list. GCG offers project management support from our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Account Management

Get additional account management support for contact updates, inventories, invoices, contract renewals, pricing and more.


GCG clients are fully supported with additional levels of customer service for escalations, service issues and billing disputes.