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Like many of our clients, information technology (IT) is probably not your core business. Managing technology and IT internally can become a major distraction. These challenges can be costly and other aspects of your business could suffer. We can help with a full suite of managed services, professional services and IT outsourcing solutions. Call 877-708-8900 to speak with an expert.

Managed Services allows a business to offload IT operations to a service provider, known as a Managed Services Provider. The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within a business.

Managed services is a philosophical change in the way that a business deals with its technology. Instead of following the old-school tradition of break-fix (literally meaning wait until the server, desktops or other critical networking devices fail, then scramble to fix them), a business operating with a managed service focuses on the prevention of these issues before they disrupt employees, management and/or clients.

Managed & Professional Services

Managed Cloud

With managed support for cloud services, you get design expertise, cost optimizations, and 24x7x365 support coverage of your cloud deployed solutions so you can focus on your business. We will help you identify the right architecture to optimize the performance and cost needs of your business, including hybrid deployments to a dedicated cloud when you just need to burst workloads. Let us manage your existing deployment or start a new project with us.

Managed Server

Reduce interruptions, increase uptime, and get back to what you do best with managed IT for servers. Choose a fully managed Windows or Linux server with a complete menu of services including operating system deployment security hardening, and simple patching and update services.

Every managed server solution kicks off with a consultation meeting to discover exactly what levels of management best supplement your skills and available time. Dedicated support means you can you can free up IT resources to focus on supporting customers, staff, or strategic business initiatives instead of everyday server maintenance.

Managed Network

Monitoring and managing infrastructure components such as firewalls, routers, switches and load balancers can be time-consuming and oftentimes not the most effective utilization of IT resources. As such, many organizations have come to realize that their infrastructure can be helped by managed network services of a third-party provider, ensuring they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Managed Firewall

Managed firewall services cover both the initial deployment and the ongoing management of your firewall, which can be purchased individually or together. The initial deployment includes installing, patching, and configuring the firewall to your needs and specifications, while ongoing firewall management includes monitoring, updating rules, device management, back-up, and firewall-specific technical support.

Database Management

Get experienced DBAs to handle your managed database services, database patching, database upgrades, fully managed cloud hosting, performance analysis and tuning. We make sure your mission-critical databases are running at peak performance and are always available to support your organization’s most critical applications.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery have become fundamental elements of business and essential pieces of information management. Availability and integrity of information, or the lack thereof, can directly impact revenues and profits, as well as an organization’s reputation.

Remove the burden of monitoring and managing your backup and disaster recovery infrastructure to give you increased reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your strategic business initiatives.

Managed Storage

Managed storage services can help you ensure that your data is available anywhere, any time. It is a perfect solution for dynamic businesses or those with a widely distributed workforce that need to access their data from multiple locations in a variety of time zones.

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