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Mobile Expense Management

Is your business paying too much for its wireless plan? Are you being overcharged? We offer a wide range of mobility expense management consulting services and software to help you gain visibility and eliminate overspending. Call 877-708-8900 to speak with an expert.

Mobile Expense Management (MEM) offers real-time analysis of expenses and data usage, and this information can be examined by looking at the overall organization’s expenditures or by analyzing the behaviors of specific departments and/or individuals.

MEM is an effective solution for preventing billing errors, auditing costs, strengthening the security of inter-employee communications and ensuring enterprise policies are enforced. Devices can be monitored and tracked within a system, ensuring the hardware doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If it does, MEM makes it easy to remotely disable the device, protecting any software and/or proprietary information that may otherwise be accessed.

A good MEM solutions provider will anticipate that the associated cost savings can more or less pay for the cost of the services. That fiscal benefit comes in addition to improved productivity and security enabled by the software solution.

Benefits of Mobile Expense Management

Unused Devices

Perhaps you have a drawer filled with old employee mobile phones that have gone unused for a few years that you’d totally forgotten about. These types of issues can happen frequently, and can fly under the radar. MEM can quickly identify any services, assets or products that you are currently being charged for, but that are incurring zero-usage.

Cost Transparency

One of the greatest challenges for businesses in keeping track of spend is a lack of cost transparency. A MEM solution can help you with clarifying costs by displaying everything you are spending in a concise format. On another note, demonstrating costs to employees allows them to better self-regulate, and encourages responsible use of company devices. Employees will be less inclined to accidentally go over their mobile data limit with all of the information displayed in front of them in clear-cut dashboards.


MEM will allow you to compare contracts with the actual charges you’re accumulating. Often times, a rate plan that once seemed to work well enough for your company becomes outdated, and can’t keep up with your needs.

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