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    Cloud Solutions

    The shift from physical to virtual infrastructure is accelerating; however, many questions remain about the cloud. Our cloud specialists help you determine which suppliers and solutions are right for your business…

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    Datacenter Selection

    Selecting a data center isn’t always as easy as it seems. This is especially true when your search leads you to a foreign country. Fortunately, we have partnerships with leading suppliers in top datacenter markets around the globe…

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    We offer complete end-to-end telecommunications solutions including wide area networks (WAN), business VoIP, dedicated Internet, and conferencing from from the largest, most respected suppliers in the business…

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    Network Architecture

    From private lines to complex global MPLS networks, our in-house sales engineers are here to help design the perfect solution based on your requirements. Did we mention that we can do this spanning single or multiple suppliers?

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    RFP Management

    Need help with an RFP? Whether starting from scratch or have an existing RFP on file, our specialists are ready to help with everything from defining requirements and strategy to managing RFP responses and selecting finalists…

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    Expense Management

    Billing errors occur every month. Sometimes they’re obvious, sometimes less so. How much are telecom billing errors costing you every month? Every year? Take back control with telecom and mobile expense management…

    • VPS vs. Cloud IaaS

      What’s the Difference Between VPS And Cloud IaaS?

      What’s the Difference Between VPS and Cloud IaaS? When it comes to cloud computing, there is often confusion about the various options available and the differences between them. One of the most common questions asked is ‘what is the difference between VPS and cloud IaaS? This article will go about answering this question so you […]

    • IoT Security: Why Your Business Needs the Proper Protection

      IoT Security: Why Your Business Needs the Proper Protection

      IoT Security: Why Your Business Needs the Proper Protection By: Yogi Simms, October 7, 2015 While, for some time, the Internet of Things was simply a concept, connected devices are now being deployed both in individual residences as well as within business settings. However, as enterprises look to implement the IoT within their IT infrastructure, there […]

    • Malware: Worst Infections and What to Avoid

      Malware: Worst Infections and What to Avoid?

      Malware: Worst Infections and What to Avoid? By: Mike Armstrong, September 23, 2015 Getting a virus or infection on a device is never fun. According to a recent study from Panda Security, cyber criminals currently create a staggering 160,000 new malware samples every day, some of which are more damaging to user and corporate devices […]