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With over 20 years of experience under our belt, FiberLight has become an industry-leading expert in anticipating the various complexities associated with planning, engineering and installing fiber optic networks – often in record time! As ACSI, we built multi-duct, high-fiber count systems in 30 metropolitan areas, and did so in just over 30 months. More recently, we placed 400 miles of network to connect 300 Dallas locations in 73 days as part of one of the largest fiber construction projects in the US. Our customers represent a diverse portfolio of industries, including: healthcare, government, education, telecom, energy and content delivery networks. At FiberLight, we aren’t scared of a challenge, not even one that everyone else thinks is impossible.

By expanding our product offerings to include Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access, 100G Long-Haul, Dark Fiber, Internet Protocol and Managed Wavelengths, FiberLight has established itself as a well-rounded provider of custom networking solutions for carrier and enterprise customers alike.  Some of the country’s most demanding government agencies and industries rely on FiberLight for best-in-class customer service, scalable bandwidth, reliability and security. You should too.


  • Ethernet Transport
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Data Center Connectivity
  • Optical Transport Solutions
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Content Delivery Network
  • 100 Gig
  • Dark Fiber
  • Fiber Optics
  • Metro Networks
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless Backhaul
  • Long Haul Network
  • Wavelengths
  • Networking
  • Infrastructure

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