Tokyo, Japan

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We are Japan’s global telecommunications pioneer and a Global Fortune 500 company providing our international customer base with data centers, networks, content delivery, system integration, and more around the world. If your business needs telecom support internationally, we are here at your service.

Our industry-leading Telehouse data center provides colocation at 47 sites in 23 cities in 12 countries/territories including London, New York, Frankfurt and Shanghai as well as more recently developing areas such as Moscow and Hanoi. Leveraging our strengths as a telecom provider, we combine our telecom network and top-quality data centers (Tier 3 and Tier 4 level) to provide a stress-free IT and telecom environment to our customers.

With more than a half-century worth of experience, we have been a leader in constructing submarine optical cable especially in the rapidly-growing Asia Pacific region.

In Japan, we are widely known for our mobile services (“au”) with currently 40 million people choosing us as their cell phone provider.


  • Telecommunication
  • Data Centers
  • Networks
  • Content Delivery
  • System Integration

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