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MHO Networks is a Data Solutions provider offering high-speed data services with faster install times, unmatched scalability, complete path redundancy, and guaranteed network performance and reliability. Our unique offering is completely different than the traditional, terrestrial service offered by most carriers, and our system takes the design of nation-wide redundancy and scales it to the Metro level.

When the business was established in 1991, our focus was on designing computers and networks for small- to medium-size businesses. The MHO brand was launched in 1994 and with our expertise in Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and the anatomy of computers, we excelled as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We began building our backbone infrastructure with 100% carrier-class, point-to-point wireless microwave technology in 1997 to provide wireless, high speed data services to the Denver Metro and Southern California areas. We continue to strategically expand our service areas, while making sure the Data Solutions we provide maintain the highest standards.

Our mission is to continuously improve our network with the best technology available and to provide our customers with the most reliable internet and data solutions, supported by outstanding customer service. MHO Networks, the bridge to your company’s success.


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