Natural Wireless
East Rutherford, NJ

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Natural Wireless

Dedicated Point-to-Point Wireless Internet Service Provider. Natural Wireless provides guaranteed low latency, high-bandwidth business-class broadband from 5/5Mbps to 10/10 Gbps. Dedicated Point-to-Point Internet Service offers a true redundant connection for existing fiber customers and a welcome replacement for archaic T-1 lines, EoC, DSL, ISDN, and Cable internet connections.

Natural Wireless owns, operates, and manages its own Dedicated Point-to-Point Internet Service from data center to each and every client hand-off location. All circuits have a service level agreement (SLA), low latency, and symmetrical high-bandwidth speeds.


  • Low Cost
  • Symmetrical
  • IP Backhaul
  • Internet Service Provider
  • ISP
  • WISP
  • SLA
  • Scaleable

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