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Cloud IaaS

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Cloud Infrastructure as a Service is an on-demand computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the Internet. IaaS allows you to quickly scale up and down with demand, and pay only for the compute resources you use.

Cloud IaaS helps you avoid the expenses and complexities associated with buying physical servers, networking equipment, and other data center infrastructure. With IaaS, you only pay for what you need and you can configure your server or storage based on your needs and for how long you need it.

In the IaaS model, the cloud provider is responsible for the infrastructure. You are responsible for purchasing, installing, configuring, and managing your software, operating systems (OS), middleware, and applications.

Benefits of Cloud IaaS

There are many benefits associated with cloud IaaS solutions. One of the major benefits is that it allows you to quickly setup and dismantle test and development environments, bringing new applications to market faster.  Here are a few others…

Eliminates Capital Expenses

Cloud IaaS sidesteps the upfront expense of setting up and managing an on-site datacenter, making it an economical option for start-ups and businesses testing new ideas.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Achieving high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery is expensive, since it requires a significant amount of technology and staff. But with the right service level agreement (SLA) in place, IaaS can reduce this cost and access applications and data as usual during a disaster or outage.

Innovate Rapidly

As soon as you’ve decided to launch a new product or initiative, the necessary computing infrastructure can be ready in minutes or hours, rather than the days or weeks—and sometimes months—it could take to set up internally.

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