Protecting Against Cyber Attacks & Threats


Forensics, also known as cyber-forensics, is a professional service that aims at uncovering why a data breach, cyber attack or hack occurred. At GCG, we have access to cyber-forensic teams that can help you gain visibility and prevent future attacks. Call 877-708-8900 to speak with an expert.

Cyber forensics deals with analysing, preserving, extracting and submitting evidence in an permissible format. Cyber forensics extensively deals with investigation of cyber crimes and frauds that happen using technology.

With cyber security solutions, the target is creating a security structure to prevent an intrusion, an attack or more, in general, the damages of the systems from the hackers.

Cyber forensics deals more with the investigation of a cyber attack. You can think about the cyber forensics expert like a digital investigator.

In cybersecurity, the experts create a secure system. In cyber forensics, there is the investigation of attacks on the net.

Benefits of Forensics

Incident Response Assistance

One important facet of a forensics investigation is to provide some incident response assistance. Forensics helps close the window of opportunity of the breach, which may even take place before the real forensic investigation begins.  In this step(s) the investigator tries to find where you’re vulnerable, or how the attacker got into your system, and how to prevent future (successful) hacks.

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