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Cyber security training is an essential element in the development of individuals and teams that are prepared to protect governmental, military, and commercial institutions from cyberattacks. Call 877-708-8900 to speak with an expert.

Most businesses utilize defense-in-depth safeguards for their networks. But these vulnerability management solutions are only one part of the equation. Humans continue to be a weak link in the chain.  Therefore, it’s important to educate and sensitize employees around best practice “digital behavior” to help fend off attacks made possible by human vulnerabilities.

GCG offers effective and highly regarded human testing and education programs designed specifically to bring employees and contractors to a high level of security awareness.

Cyber Security Training Solutions

Social Test

Social engineering is one of the key ways attackers can gain access to or information about your organization. People are the weakest link in the daily management of network security.

Social test creates conditions and scenarios that lure personnel into engagement – just as if driven by a crafty cyber attacker.  Social engineering tactics and techniques can include phishing calls, targeted emails, and more.  Findings are used to educate employees on how to become more astute at discerning legitimate human engagement from trickery.

Secure Passwords

The recent security breaches making headlines in the news and security flaws being announced underscore the need for employees to understand the importance of secure passwords.

Safe Web Browsing

Online pop-ups, deceptive links and clickable graphics can all lead to spyware and other potentially dangerous traps. Train your employees on common tactics used by cyber criminals and how to avoid scams.

Preventing Malware & Viruses

The complexity of recent virus attacks demonstrates the need for training and ongoing education. In this training module learn about antivirus technologies and ways to detect malware.

Mobility & BYOD Security

Employees utilizing personal iPhones, iPads and other devices to conduct business are no longer the exception but now the rule. However, convenience can come at a price. Train your employees on proper security on the go.

Physical Security

Does your organization have the wrong kind of ‘open door policy?’ Are social engineers getting access to sensitive information? From piggy backing to dumpster diving, train your employees on what to be looking for to help defend against an attack.

Acceptable Use of Computer Systems

Go beyond common sense and outline the importance of the company computer use policy in this entertaining security training module.

Installing Software

New software is enticing but can also wreak havoc in the office. Learn how to properly use software and how to avoid unknown or unsolicited programs or files that could lead to a breach.

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