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Dedicated Internet

Searching for the best Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service for your business? We offer the largest selection of telecom carriers and ISPs globally for DIA. Check service availability and pricing for your locations. Call 877-708-8900 to speak with an expert.

Dedicated Internet Access is a continuous, high-bandwidth method for enterprises to connect their local area networks (LANs) with the public Internet and streamline the performance of their wide area network (WAN).

The traditional Internet connection that is used by a business is broadband. A major difference between broadband and a dedicated connection is that whereas broadband is shared and divided amongst local users, leased lines offer a private network that’s reserved only for you.

As a consequence, bandwidth speeds are consistent in both directions, and the network is available 24 hours a day with no slow-down during peak times.

DIA is an alternative to legacy technologies that typically rely on bonding multiple T1 lines or fractional T3 lines. These legacy WAN links cannot handle escalating bandwidth requirements for cloud computing, business continuity, business process automation, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other applications.

Benefits of Dedicated Internet


A major advantage of having a dedicated connection is the increased reliability. For many businesses, being left without an Internet connection for days could be disastrous. Dedicated Internet connections come with a service level agreement, which guarantees that any major connectivity issues will be fixed in as little as 5 hours. Telappliant personally guarantees 99.999% uptime along with 24/7 complimentary phone support.


Bandwidth speed is fully customisable and can be scaled from as little as 10 Mbps through to 10 Gbps, depending on your individual business requirements, meaning that you only pay for what you need. The symmetrical connectivity means that you get a consistent speed both ways, making for a more productive workforce that is also able to utilise cost-effective cloud services.


Because the line is reserved for your business alone, you have sole access to the bandwidth, with no contention from outside. This means that at during any point of the day, you will get 100% performance both upstream and down. This is good if you’re making or receiving phone calls over your connection, sending and downloading large files and video conferencing in HD.


Having a secure connection should be a priority for any business, and with a dedicated connection, your network is safer because it is solely used by you alone. The line runs directly from your premises to the Telappliant data centre, resulting in no interference. This makes it easier to deploy security applications and authentication protocols, as the only users of it will reside on your premises.

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