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Fixed Wireless

Searching for a backup Internet or alternative to wireline services? Fixed wireless provides an affordable alternative to expensive fiber builds and satellite Internet. Check service availability and pricing for your locations. Call 877-708-8900 to speak with an expert.

Fixed wireless involves connecting existing fiber, cable, or DSL internet between two fixed locations via a radio and a receiver. Fixed wireless relies on small stations to transfer data at high speeds, similar to a satellite but localized. Because the stations are clustered close together, the technology is capable of delivering faster internet speeds than 4G with lower latency.

Many providers see fixed wireless as a way to expand the edges of their current service footprints with a reliable, cost-effective approach. Up until recently, fixed wireless has been costly to deploy because subscriber numbers were low and it was best suited for densely populated areas where stations could be within line of sight. Now, the ability to utilize higher frequencies and advances in receiver technology have the capacity to transform fixed wireless into the broadband solution we’ve been searching for.

Benefits of Fixed Wireless

Rapid Deployment

Fiber optic Internet service requires a significant time investment to deploy due to the dependency on underground fiber runs. In contrast, fixed wireless Internet service provides fiber speed connections and can be deployed within a couple of days or even hours in some situations.

Simple Installation

The installation of the infrastructure for fixed wireless Internet services is relatively simple when compared to what is involved with wired services. When a business places an order for fixed wireless broadband service, the service provider installs a small antenna using non-penetrating tripods on the roof of the company’s building.

From the roof, Cat5/6 or fiber is connected to any business in the building that has arranged to connect to the service by an Ethernet connection dropped at the customer’s network location. This eliminates the need to wait months or even years to enjoy fiber speed Internet connection since fixed wireless service requires minimal low impact infrastructure.

Low Latency

Fixed wireless provides a dedicated point-to-point Internet connection. Since user data travels through a dedicated radio waves directly from one point to another, Internet speeds exceeding 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) are possible with extremely low latency. If a business needs high quality, dedicated bandwidth, with low jitter and latency, fixed Wireless service is a very cost-effective solution.


The underground cables used by wired Internet providers are vulnerable because they might be damaged when other utility providers work on their buried service lines. This increases the risk of costly service disruption. Alternatively, since fixed wireless Internet transmits data through the air, the likelihood of infrastructure damage is low, which enables the system to guarantee 99.99 percent uptime.


Fixed wireless Internet networks employ more encryption and levels of security than wired Internet connections. Every business is provisioned point-to-point encrypted circuit. Dedicated point-to-point fixed wireless Internet connections are more secured than standard wired connections.


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