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Contact centers are used for inbound communication, outbound communication or a hybrid of both. Contact center agents also interact with customers via webchat, phone, email or other communication channels.

The contact center infrastructure that is necessary to support communications may be located on the same premises as the contact center, or it can be located externally.Cloud-based contact centers are hosted on a cloud provider’s internet server and are the point from which all inbound and outbound communications filter. Cloud-based contact centers are accessible anywhere via the internet and function the same as other contact centers.Hosted contact centers are centers where the contact center infrastructure is outsourced to another company that manages the systems externally. This often leads to a better return on investment (ROI) for companies by minimizing upfront costs and maintenance of the infrastructure.Virtual contact centers enable agents employed by the company to work remotely from home. Virtual contact centers enable flexibility and comfort for the agent, while simultaneously lowering costs for the company.

Benefits of Contact Center


In addition to greater versatility in their working conditions, agents experience tremendous efficiency when using a cloud solution. An intuitive interface empowers them to handle customer data across various channels and helps them resolve cases with greater precision. Features such as ACD, IVR, and prioritized callbacks also save agents time, while efficient routing matches customers with the most qualified agents for optimal customer experiences.


The on-demand nature of cloud solutions allows true scalability for companies when needed. For example, when contact centers experience a larger volume of cases than usual (such as during peak holiday periods), additional agents may be employed as needed to keep up with demand, allowing for unlimited scalability.


Cloud solutions are highly cost-efficient, as they reduce significantly the upfront costs that on-premise solutions normally require. Hosted cloud solutions may be upgraded inexpensively, allowing contact centers to integrate platforms and lower costs by using a pay-as-you-go consumption model and test the solution first with a free trial.


Cloud solutions offer the tremendous benefit of enhanced security. For example, hybrid cloud solutions give brands the flexibility of securing sensitive data in a private cloud while storing less sensitive data in a public cloud at a reduced cost. In addition, cloud solutions typically offer stronger disaster recovery functions than on-premise solutions. When outages occur due to natural disasters or any other disruptive events, on-premise solutions are usually not well equipped to handle them and business workflow is impacted. However, cloud solutions enable continuous operational functionality, such as allowing agents to connect to customers through mobile devices when connectivity is compromised during disruptive events.

Customer Experience

When companies are able to staff skilled agents around the world 24/7 who work with greater efficiency, superior customer experiences are the natural result. Customers will notice and appreciate the efficiency of a business that handles their cases with ease and saves them time. Agents also feel empowered when they are able to work under versatile conditions that drive their efficiency, enabling them to deliver greater customer experiences.

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