EnergyWare Partners With Global Consulting Group (GCG) to Promote LED Technology to Data Centers

Out of their joint office in Denver, Colorado, the companies will work together to educate the Data Center community on the benefits of LED IoT.

SUNRISE, Fla., March 12, 2020 ( – EnergyWare, a full-service nationwide LED Smart Technology design, engineering, manufacturing and installation company, partners with Global Consulting Group (GCG) out of Colorado. EnergyWare is lighting the way forward, leading the LED Smart Technology charge in the IoT market. Out of their joint office in Denver, EnergyWare and GCG will work together through an outreach campaign to inform and educate the Data Center community on the myriad benefits of LED IoT.

“We are excited about the endless potential that our partnership with GCG brings to the table for EnergyWare and the Data Center Industry,” says Boaz Santiago, Director at EnergyWare, LLC. “Our partnership will be primarily focused on educating Data Center executives on the future of LED IoT and their powerful value proposition to the future of Data Center development as a sustainable source of savings and energy conservation.”

GCG has been involved with numerous IT projects, including fiber builds, wiring and cabling for offices and technology campuses. There is a tremendous opportunity to incorporate additional products and services that help with energy efficiency and sustainability.

“We’re excited to have EnergyWare as a partner of both Global Consulting Group (GCG) and,” said April Armijo, VP of Operations at GCG. “The partnership makes perfect sense based on our relationships with large enterprise clients, commercial real estate owners, facility managers and data centers.”

The data center industry is one of the largest consumers of electricity in the world. Based on current trend estimates, U.S. data centers are projected to consume approximately 73 billion kWh in 2020. With LEDs, organizations typically see 75% reduced lighting expenses and 100% increased illumination. The technology also boasts a lifespan at least three times longer than fluorescent lights. The joint outreach campaign will showcase the impact of renewable energy and the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced expenses of modern, environmentally-friendly LED technology.