Cisco Unites SD-WAN and Security to Address the New Cloud Edge

Cisco is combining its security and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies to help organizations adopt cloud faster with less risk. The worldwide technology leader takes care of the critical edge security challenges by evolving its SD-WAN portfolio. With the innovation, Cisco offers highly effective, scalable, and best-of-breed security for its SD-WAN technology. According to Cisco, it enables businesses to use cloud services of their choice with confidence.

“The emergence of the new Cloud Edge is disrupting our customers’ network and security architectures. Today, every WAN device must become software defined and secure. Cisco’s SD-WAN makes it easy for customers to get the very best of networking and security. We are building a bridge to a new business world that speeds our customers’ ability to unlock the power of the cloud—faster with less risk,” said Scott Harrell, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Networking at Cisco.

The all-new Cisco SD-WAN security stack provides a complete shield operating at the edge, in the branch router, with centralized control for both network and security management. The integration of advanced security into SD-WAN devices protects the entire connected enterprise against debilitating security attacks that could originate from vulnerable internet connections and applications.

Apart from this, Cisco has partnered with Microsoft to enhance the Office 365 application experience for its customers. Thus, Cisco SD-WAN monitors in real-time all available paths to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. Cisco will be able to determine the user’s closest cloud with the help of Microsoft Office URLs. The tech company claims that this will result in up to 40 percent faster performance for users. Cisco SD-WAN Security and Microsoft Office 365 software will be available in the fourth quarter.

According to Cisco, the company is offering even more options for customers with two new Integrated Services Routers (ISR) designed for small and large branch offices. Another innovation is SD-WAN Quick Start Service, which helps customers accelerate SD-WAN deployments and decrease risk. For a fixed-price, customers get access to remote implementation and knowledge transfer capabilities to streamline projects.

Cisco believes that innovations can solve real-world security challenges facing enterprises today. Cisco has informed that both the network and security can be purchased through a single license model and managed through a single interface.